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TSh304,700.00 TSh232,700.00

Kodtec rechargeable Speaker KT 110

TSh355,700.00 TSh310,700.00

Kodtec Speaker KT 112

TSh518,900.00 TSh424,700.00

Kodtec Speaker KT 115

TSh392,700.00 TSh323,700.00

Kodtec Speaker KT 113

TSh495,700.00 TSh427,700.00

Kodtec Speaker KT 116

TSh90,900.00 TSh69,900.00

Kodtec pressure cooker KT 197A

TSh999,999.99 TSh901,199.99

Kodtec single base Speaker KT 1819B

TSh999,999.99 TSh753,999.99

Kodtec base Speaker KT 1829B

TSh999,999.99 TSh849,999.99

Kodtec mid Speaker KT 1519

TSh999,999.99 TSh799,999.99

Kodtec full range speaker KT 1529

TSh92,900.00 TSh69,900.00

Kodtec kt 197A pressure cooker

TSh70,000.00 TSh56,000.00

Kodtec kt 195A pressure cooker

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