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TSh1,037,500.00 TSh955,500.00

Nadstar8 Ice Maker 20KG HZB-20F

TSh894,000.00 TSh799,500.00

Nadstar8 Ice Maker 12KG HZB-12A

TSh15,000.00 TSh8,000.00

Nadstar2 Bowl 2019045

TSh2,064,500.00 TSh1,995,500.00

Nadstar8 Ice Maker 25KG QS-55

TSh15,000.00 TSh8,000.00

Nadstar2 Bowl 2019044

TSh354,500.00 TSh269,500.00

Nadstar8 Tea Can 10L F24585-10

TSh2,900.00 TSh1,900.00

Nadstar2 Bowl 2019042

TSh49,500.00 TSh39,500.00

Nadstar2 Spice Rack JW-202

TSh331,000.00 TSh318,500.00

Nadstar8 Tea Can 20L F24585-20

TSh85,850.00 TSh63,850.00

Nadstar2 Canister 7pc Set 7880-A

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