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TSh249,000.00 TSh195,000.00

Aborder Solar TV Inch 19'' ABT1967

TSh192,000.00 TSh160,000.00

Zunne TV inch 17-ZH1702

TSh613,000.00 TSh490,000.00

ITEL Cast TV -A321

TSh393,300.00 TSh300,000.00

Zunne TV inch 24-ZH244D

TSh205,400.00 TSh170,000.00

Zunne TV inch 19-ZH1902

TSh201,000.00 TSh145,000.00

Zunne TV inch 15-ZH1502

TSh215,500.00 TSh170,000.00

ITEL TV inch 19-A1930

TSh625,000.00 TSh490,000.00


TSh117,100.00 TSh90,000.00

Aborder Glass Gas Cooker AB2703

TSh121,200.00 TSh90,000.00

Aborder Glass Gas Cooker AB2712

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